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Each business is unique with its own challenges and our team of experts focus on crafting projects that focus on delivering measurable results.


We position businesses

to succeed

Pacific Ocean Group's value proposition is built around a collaborative approach that uses our proven process to understand your intimate business needs. This allows us to provide cutting edge solutions that add value to any stage of the business cycle. Our team guide you through the entire process, delivering improvements at every stage from initial strategy and design, through implementation to ongoing management and steering.

Our deep industry experience in best practice solutions and world-leading technology, particularly in automation and robotics, creates outcomes that deliver meaningful improvement. We use proven methodologies to de-risk projects while delivering successful outcomes.

5 phases to seamlessly integrate every aspect of your digital and supply chain transformation.

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Transform for tomorrow

End to End Solutions

Transform for tomorrow with a seamless end-to-end supply chain and digital solution, tailored to your business. We guide you through the entire process, delivering improvements at every stage from initial strategy through implementation, to ongoing management and steering. By designing operational and property strategies in parallel, we ensure your operations drive your property solution so overall business performance is the key marker for success, rather than focusing solely on the property transaction.



We analyse your current operations, identify your needs and develop the blueprint required to meet your business objectives.

  • Analyse your current supply chain & digital performance.

  • Determine your future needs.

  • Identify the optimal network & operating model to achieve these objectives.

  • Create a transition plan & business case to steer you to end state.

  • Conduct due diligence on potential acquisitions.



We develop detailed design concepts of your future operating model and formulate the business case analysis to determine the right solution.

  • Identify sites & design building concepts.

  • Conduct due diligence of existing premises.

  • Design innovative & automated distribution centres.

  • Freight & logistics diagnostic.

  • Demand & supply planning.

  • Digital experience design or refresh.



We procure the property, equipment and systems that will help redefine your operations.

  • Source & negotiate property agreements.

  • Procure software, fit-out, materials handling solutions (MHS) or freight & third party logistics (3PL) services.

  • Manage tenders & contracts.

  • Set up digital content funnel & creative services



We continue to assist you on an ongoing basis to ensure your new operations are working at their best, considering opportunities to optimise functions to find additional benefits.

  • Ongoing integrated projects.

  • Real estate portfolios.

  • Interim operations.

  • 3PL invoice compliance.

  • 3PL managed services.

  • Digital marketing campaigns.

  • Cross-border & global distribution.



We support you in the program implementation of the key project requirements to ensure a seamless integration and transition through to operational Go Live.

  • Integrate MHS into building design.

  • Link systems & processes.

  • Manage construction of premises.

  • Install fit-out.

  • Testing & commissioning.

  • Set up digital merchandising.

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