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Visual perception refers to the process of organising, identifying, and interpreting visual information in environmental awareness and understanding. With the rapid progress of multimedia acquisition technology and the introduction of artificial intelligence theory, intelligent visual perception has been widely used to promote the development of industrial production towards intelligence.



Pacific Ocean Group is powered by the Asia Pacific’s leading business transformation consultancy, having designed Asia Pacific’s most sophisticated supply chain transformations, deploying the latest in cutting edge technology.

Our on-the-ground presence in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Continental Europe, gives us intimate knowledge of local conditions and opportunities.


Our ahead-of-the-curve digital & ecommerce solutions integrate with your entire operational infrastructure to complete your business transformation into the digital age

Supply Chain Solutions


Our supply chain solutions have delivered more than $5 billion of improvements for clients. Backed by years of operational experience, our specialist team can create practical, efficient change for any step in your supply chain, delivering tangible results.


We can guide you to develop a supply chain strategy that delivers value and competitive advantage.

Our strategies consistently achieve savings of 10-30%, amounting to more than $1.9 billion per year in value identified for our clients.

What we do:

Identify opportunities to reduce cost & drive growth.


Design optimised distribution networks.


Develop innovative industry solutions.


Architect supply chain transformation programs.


Our solutions and services span across a wide range of functional elements. From process re-engineering of existing operations to designing fully automated greenfield facilities, we are constantly driving benefits through safety, customer satisfaction and operational performance.

What we do:

Operational profiling & developing material flow by functional area.


Benchmarking productivity, capacity & capability.


Evaluation of handling & processing options including automation suitability.


Conceptual design & optimisation.


Development of commercial benefits & business case information.


Our effective freight & logistics solutions provide the best service, cost and compliance results and are fully integrated into your wider supply chain and business objectives. Our clients achieve an average of 17% savings.

What we do:

Diagnostic profiling of your current logistic network’s performance.


Benchmarking to define the gap between your current arrangements & competitive market offerings.


Develop transport, sustainability, last mile & logistics strategies.


Logistics & systems procurement & implementation.


We’ll analyse your inventory performance and develop improved planning and inventory management processes to increase working capital efficiency.

What we do:

Evaluate your demand planning processes & performance to identify key opportunities.

Critically review inventory management processes & policies across purchasing and replenishment.

Review of your supply planning & supplier management processes & optimise.

Assess the maturity of your sales & operations planning (S&OP) processes to drive integrated business performance/


From business strategy to operational process transformation, right through to new infrastructure/ capabilities delivery and organisational change mgmt. we can take a broad look at the needs of your business, and help determine what change is needed in all areas.

What we do:

Whole of supply chain transformation management.


Operational transition readiness & implementation management.


Technical supply chain systems implementation.

Automation integration, testing & commissioning superintendent.


Project management office (PMO) & project portfolio management support.


Change management support.


We design digital supply chains that automate and enable smarter decision- making in your operations by utilising real-time analytics, data-backed predictions in a more dynamic and seamless process.

What we do:

Design, develop and implement digital control towers to create visibility across your entire network.


We integrate demand, supply, inventory and financial intelligence to improve forecast accuracy, increase schedule adherence & improve stock levels.


Real-time collaboration and integration to a centralised platform.

Help you understand functionalities and assess the right technology solution for your business.

Ecommerce and Omnichannel Solutions


We’re a full service digital and ecommerce consultancy, here to help you grow rapidly while building for scale. Our industry specialists have worked at the forefront of digital disruption, successfully building, scaling and optimising leading ecommerce and omnichannel businesses across Europe, Asia and ANZ.


Powered by best practice strategy and proven ahead-of-the-curve ecommerce concepts, our solutions future-proof your business to thrive in the digital age.

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 7.58.02 AM.png


We’ll maximise your sales and profits by identifying your key challenges, understand underlying driving forces
and set objectives and priorities to grow.


Jointly, we establish the key structures and processes you need to meet those objectives.

What we do:

  • Ecommerce health check & capability analysis.

  • Market insights.

  • Market entrance strategy

  • Growth & profitability strategy

  • Ecommerce business case & financial planning

  • Organisational transformation

  • Design offering for new

    business opportunities (e.g. social commerce)


Uncover new business opportunities and revenue streams. Whether its vertical integration within your existing business model or venturing into new areas, our innovation solutions set you up for continued future success.

What we do:

  • New business development & assessment of new growth opportunities.

  • Channel extension & request for proposal (RFP) management.

  • Support seed-phase of new services & ventures.

  • Cross-border logistics & distribution.

  • Set up marketplace presence in multiple APAC markets & across other regions.

  • Support turnarounds of distressed companies, with a focus on ecommerce capabilities e.g. traditional retailers, brands.


We’ll give you the tools you need to optimize your merchandising and your marketing mix, and enrich the customer experience with improved user journeys and engaging content.

What we do:

  • Optimise assortment strategy & buying process to increase sales & profit contribution.

  • Develop commercial operating models with effective trading & stock clearance processes.

  • Marketing intelligence & performance marketing optimisation.

  • Consumer insights, brand strategy & creative services.

  • Multi-channel & multi- platform campaign management.

  • Onsite & conversion rate optimisation.

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